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Imagine how thanks to your donation, children as well as adults in the coming generations, would enjoy defining plant and learning about the flora and vegetation of Israel

For years and years, those interested in the Flora of Israel, had to settle for old guide books, and wrinkled booklets, when at home or in the field. The definition systems for defining a new plant were never updated, and in order to find out where you can find flower fields, you'd have to contact a friend nearby.

Those were the old days. We were used to it – reading books, consulting friends by phone

The reality these days is different

Our children aren’t used to hold a book, let alone do it in a field, and in order to consult a friend, they're used to open Facebook or another social app. Year on we see young children (and us as adults in their footsteps), less interested in learning about the plants in the field, taking part in family trips, or getting their head out of their private gadget, be in iPhone, iPod or any other hand held screen.

The decision: Bringing the knowledge of the plants and vegetation of Israel to those that love it, and make it accessible to all – at home or the field, free of charge

For more than 50 years, Prof. Avinoam Danin has explored the plants and vegetation of Israel, taught generations of students through the Hebrew University, and shared his knowledge with thousands of botany professionals and botany lovers around the world, through classes, articles and books. 

Prof. Danin decided to start an important project – a website showcasing all the professional most accurate information on the plants and vegetation of Israel, forums for nature and flora lovers, real live reports and pictures from the field (updating about flowers, recommending trails and more).

Prof. Danin decided the website will not only collect the information, but also be a leading tool through which generations to come will come to learn of the flora and plants of Israel.

Open for all – free of charge

To bring the knowledge to all those interested, Prof. Danin has decided to bring the information to all those interested in it free of charge. It will be in Hebrew and English (for the benefit of those interested in the worldwide community), and will include new plant definition tools fit for use via a Smartphone app, to enable access to the tools and information from anywhere – home or field.

Free use for everyone

To really bring the information to all those involved, Prof. Danin decided to make the website free of charge, in Hebrew and in English (for the benefit of the global community), and will include new definition tools adapted to smartphone, to enable an easier access to tools and information – to enable the accessibliry to tools and information from any place – home or field.

Your contribution is the key to achieving our target!

Your contribution will enable us to set the project, and make it accessible to those interested, nature lovers and botanists around the world, free of charge and with no profit purpose. Prof. Danin's only purpose is to enable those that love the field share the information and data he's been collecting during the many years of research, teaching and mapping of the vegetation of Israel. His only target is that this knowledge will be available for your children and future generations.

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